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a bicycle is the acoustic version of a motorcycle 

Do you plan on feeding your children vegan or give them meat and let them decide later?



feed them? I was just planning on painting them green, watering them and sticking them out in the sun to photosynthesize…

drawing myself some #motivational #koalas


Mushrooms - Juli Puli


A Capri Girl, Charles Edward Perugini


I basically came off my dry tumblr spell to share this beautiful picture with you all today. It is easy to wear our labels, our past failures, to feel a victim to the obstacles of life which drain on our precious energy-but know that is not you, but garments of conditioning. Strip free, pour into yourself love and let it rest on your tongue when you share whatever sweeps through your mind. Clean yourself of judgement. In physical and spiritual form you are an eternal gift, an ancient gathering of exotic elements that is blessed with consciousness, and therefore blessed to tell, dance, transform each moment into a story. The universe is as wise as these myths which we leak into the soil, peaks and vast skies. Be well friends, and do not let any unconscious illusions steal you of your grace.

Desert Spirits by Spencer Tunick