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Bonjour! by Marissa-Mara

food face? #avocado & #sriracha


Botany Alphabet

Beautifully observed lettering by Sasha Proodof Brooklyn. Part of a self promotional piece. I love the ‘R’ shown in the top image.

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Me hosting a Party.


Ron the Swan ☀️



I have an unhealthy obsession and addiction to succulents and cactus, but hey, at least it’s not meth.



It’s okay to be a chicken sometimes… Just keep smiling


The Ultimate Design Library Giveaway.

Monday! The mondays love the typography, so I bring you this giveaway from the Inkydeals site. Inkydeals have released a huge (and monthly) bundle of graphic design resources where you can find tons of different photoshop and illustrator templates, actions, fonts, textures and every bit of resources that you think you will need is probably on this bundle. Is a huge amount of files (38GB) of new graphics never released and different from previous bundles.

You can take this bundle worth more than $5k for $59 only for 3 days or take the $99 which include this bundle and the previous Epic Bundle.

Or you can reblog this image and I will choose from the notes 2 winners at the end of the week to give them the complete bundle.

Just reblog, you don’t even have to follow me. A reblog is a entry to win this super bundle.

See all the resources here:

😳now what…#duolingo

making a ton of #sushi for my fam💁#yolo

#homemade #vegan #tempeh #sushi sorry it’s better than cobo. and #avocado 🌚

#homemade #vegan #tempeh #sushi sorry it’s better than cobo.

whatever. #shark #jorts #doodle

#shark #doodle #jorts ?